Free mind movies for all – why pay more?

Free mind movies for all – why pay more?

Check out the interview with Bob Proctor ( of ‘The Secret’). Now Bob sits down with Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies for a fascinating conversation explaining exactly where effective visualization begins. This is an amazing eye opener into the power of Mind Movies that you need to check out…

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Bob Proctor - MindMovies interview

Bob Proctor - MindMovies interview

Ok, here’s a free mind movie I put together in 30 minutes, I’m proud of it. It sums up my perfect morning. The fact is though that I made it, happily, without shelling out some major bucks. Get Your Free Mind Movies Here!

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Mind movies are a great idea but let’s not over complicate them!

If you want to experience the ‘Law of Attraction’ as promoted in movies, books and courses ( e.g. ‘The Secret’) then a mind movie is a cool way to add your aspirational imagery, text and inspirational music in one piece of media to watch regularly to bring those aspirations into your life and make the dream a reality. A mind movie really does help you focus your mind on what you truly want out of life. Of course you should have lots of mind movies covering different areas in which you’d like to see a change – health, wealth, relationships you name it!

Want to make a free mind movie yourself? You’ll be hooked! I was!

(Just the process of making them will give you a natural high! The one above did so for me, I get a fresh buzz every time I watch it.)


Check out this amazing interview and then come back and tell me what you think in the comments below…

BTW: I did edit the movie above a couple of times, as I’d made some typos in the text. But, as I say, it took me about 30 minutes to do. So what DID I do exactly? Uploaded some photos from my hard drive, found a few others at Google Images. Added Text. Chose my music. That’s it! Easy Peasy!

Well that’s the kicker isn’t it? Because to get the full effect from, and benefits of, a Mind Movie you need to watch it at least twice a day. So the cooler the movie, especially if it’s a little different each time, or you can watch a selection or remixed versions, will keep your attention span right up there! You could have several versions of the same movie but with  different music soundtracks.


But wait, there’s more! You can Twitter etc. your mind movie too!

Why not Twitter or Facebook share your new Mind Movie to inspire others or re-enforce your commitment to what you are aspiring to be or do?


Why not save it to a DVD, play it when you are having breakfast or whenever to get your mindset right for the day?


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